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I am trying to use msys powerpc-eabispe-gcc compiler on windows to compile a simple helloworld.cpp program, inorder to generate an elf for powerpc architecture, but I am getting "c++ compiler not installed on this system" error. The bin folder of powerpc-eabispe contains all the exe's, I dont understand why then I get this error??

I used MinGW command prompt to run this command: powerpc-eabispe-gcc.exe -o hello hello.cpp

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You need to install the toolchain for the architecture you are targeting. Search for "cctools" / "binutils" / "crosstools" or "ppc cross-compile environment".

You can also take a look at:

However, I would encourage you to try this on a linux or on a mac computer. There are far more resources & docs available on the web for cross-compilation on these platforms.

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Thanks for your fast response, I would love to work on linux, but my project is narrowed to windows environment! –  Nithi89 Mar 20 '13 at 15:55
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