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I am trying to figure out a way to use events, handlers - to cancel an operation (a progress bar) from an asynchronous operation.

I have a class, ProgressBar, that is displaying the progress of an operation. It has a Cancel button (which is Friend WithEvents, typically generated, and has a Private Sub ButtonCancel_click). Nothing special.

The Cancel sets a public CancelButtonHasBeenPressed.

I want to be able to react to pressing Cancel, in another class.

I read about adding a handler to react to an event, and removing the handler at the end of the operation, which is what I should be doing.

Something like:

Public Function Mine(ByRef myProgress As ThatProgressWindow)
  ' some setup  
  AddHandler CancelEvent, AddressOf myProgress.ButtonCancel_Click
  ' create and call workers
  RemoveHandler CancelEvent, AddressOf myProgress.ButtonCancel_Click
End Function
Public Event CancelEvent()
Private Function worker(ByVal state As Object) As Object
  ' do work
  If ' how do I check for the event ? Then drop everything and run
End Function

The problems with the code/pseudocode above:

1) in the AddHandler, I should be adding an event that exists, something connected to the actual cancellation - but there is nothing in the ProgressBar, as is, to do that - how do I add a cancel ? I only have a Cancel button... So I had to make the button_click Public which is probably wrong...

Somehow, I was thinking that the user pressing Cancel would trigger that event... Is that not true ? I am truly new to this, and the web seems to assume, in all the examples, that the people looking at those examples are already experts.

2) How do I check that the event has been raised ?

As I tried to type "If" followed by an event name, in any form, Intellisense kept telling me that it was wrong.

Please, help me get started !

Thank you.

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Have you considered using a BackgroundWorker? It supports progress events and cancellation.

As an aside, don't use ByRef in your Mine function. It is not required and could lead to subtle bugs down the road if someone maintaining your code doesn't realize the parameter is ByRef.

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I am using a thread pool and I would like to cancel from inside the workers from the thread pool. I have considered BackgroundWorker for the call to the class that sets up the whole thing... but I don't have room on the real window for a progress bar, which is why I have a separate window. The Backgroundworker would not help for the multiple threads anyway... – Thalia Mar 20 '13 at 17:25
The BackgroundWorker class uses the thread pool to run, and it isn't bound to any kind of window so it doesn't matter where you are showing a progress bar and/or option to cancel. If you've got other requirements dealing with multiple threads, etc then you may want to update your question with those additional details... – tcarvin Mar 20 '13 at 17:52
You are right, it would be a cleaner approach than what I did. I will have to learn how to use it - have not found any practical examples, only very simplistic ones that I have not been able to implement with external classes and a separate progress bar. I have simplified my code to not use events - since I can't figure out how, I might later. I have been looking into using BackgroundWorker - not in this instance, but in general, for the past weeks, so I'll mark this as an answer for lack of an alternative. – Thalia Mar 21 '13 at 20:58

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