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How to keep a kerberos connection long-lived in IE 8? Here is what I observed (running browsers on MS windows server 2003):

  • In IE8, if I make a request over kerberos connection to a server, it will automatically disconnect as soon as it gets back the response. The next request will open another connection, which obviously is very inefficient. The server does send back the Keep-Alive header in the HTTP response but it doesn't help.

  • In the same IE8 browser, if I make a plain connection to the same server, the connections will stay connected.

  • In firefox, the kerberos connection to the same server also stays long-lived.

So it's a combination of kerberos + IE that keeps the connection short-lived. Is there any IE/registry setting to ensure the connection is long-lived?


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  1. There is no Kerberos connection. You are talking about HTTP connections which are stateless, Kerberos security context is not.
  2. There is no keep-alive with HTTP 1.1. All connetions are keep-alive by default unless a server sends a Connection: close.
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Thanks.. By kerberos connection I mean HTTP connection with initial kerberos handshake. I know HTTP 1.1 is keep-alive by default, I added it to the header anyway just to be 100% sure it's not the cause. –  cantonboy Mar 20 '13 at 15:52
Change your question please and forget about keep-alive. Any good server will ignore that. –  Michael-O Mar 20 '13 at 16:00
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