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I accidentally stumbled across an application called CHUD Remover that claims to remove CHUD files. It lives in /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/CHUD.

What is CHUD and why would I want to remove CHUD files from my system?

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CHUD Tools are a set of profiling and performance tools for use in applications development on the Mac. The package includes a lot of things, such as DTrace, OpenGL Profiler, and Instruments. Shark in particular is a favorite tool of mine; it's a spectacular profiler with a great interface.

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The other two told you what CHUD is. The reason you would want to remove it? To install a newer version, of course!

If you ever plan on doing performance optimization, Shark is a wonderful tool. So don't remove it =)

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CHUD stands for Computer Hardware Understanding Developer Tools.

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These are generally profiling / hardware performance measuring tools. –  mjv Oct 12 '09 at 5:20

CHUD can also cause a kernel panic and prevent the Mac from booting properly:

com.apple.iokit.CHUDKernLib Kernel Panic Fix

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It will remove anything that slow down your computer.

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Not really. I wish. –  9000 Mar 11 '14 at 3:12

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