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is it possible in php to use var_dump or a similar function to display all the variables that are still in scope? for example, pageA.php includes pageB.php, and I want in the latter to see which variables are available from previous pages.

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 echo '< pre >';
  var_dump ( get_defined_vars() );
 echo '< /pre >'; 
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You are looking for get_defined_vars(). You can use it like this:


This will show all defined variables available to scope from which the function is called.

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if page A contains <?php $var = "HELLO"; include("pageb.php");?> then page b will have full access to the variable as <?php echo $var;?>

This obviously changes though if you start defining/declaring classes as if you define a variable within the scope of a class in pagea then pageb will only have access to it if that class is a) already instanced and b) the variable is public and exposed

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Yes, you have to use get_defined_vars(), read the docs: http://php.net/manual/en/function.get-defined-vars.php

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