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I have a list of thumbnail images in a gallery and I was wondering how i would make something like this?

enter image description here

The only way i see it possible in my understanding is to make the thumbnail as a background image inside a div and have those elements be displayed on top of it. Is there an alternative way of doing this?

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Absolute positioning would be another option. –  j08691 Mar 20 '13 at 15:53

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You could probably achieve something like this using a wrapper div around the image with a div containing your overlay stuff as a sibling of the image:-

<div class='image'>
  <img src='' />
  <div class='image__overlay'></div>

Then your CSS would be something like this:-

.image {
  position: relative;
.image__overlay {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;

You could hide the overlay with a display: none and only make it display on :hover of the div.image if that's what you were aiming to achieve.

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I made a sample, the mouse leave wont work but it should do thanks! jsfiddle.net/wBcYF/31 –  Sarmen B. Mar 20 '13 at 23:12
You can do this with CSS (which is what I was meaning to suggest in my answer): jsfiddle.net/drmonkeyninja/wBcYF/34 –  drmonkeyninja Mar 21 '13 at 9:09

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