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I do built me a custom constraint validator. The validator is working. But how can I translate the error messages of the CUSTOM validator in a php template? The other validator messages are working, so I do have the translation in app/config/validators.XX.yml.

In my action:

$form = $this->createFormBuilder()
             ->add('date_id', 'choice', array(
                'constraints' => array(new CheckChoicesDateId(array('date_ids' => $date_ids))),

in Bundle/Validator/Constraints

class CheckChoicesDateId extends Constraint
    public $invalidMessage = '{{ value }}';
    public $date_ids;
    public function __construct($options = null)

        if (null === $this->date_ids ) {
            throw new MissingOptionsException('Option date_ids must be given for constraint ' . __CLASS__, array('date_ids'));

in Bundle/Validator/Constraints

class CheckChoicesDateIdValidator extends ConstraintValidator {

    public function validate($value, Constraint $constraint) {

        if ($value == NULL || !isset($value)) {
            $this->context->addViolation($constraint->invalidMessage, array(
                '{{ value }}' => 'error.date.0',
                //I also tried $this->get('translator')->trans('error.date.0');
                // with the error message: Call to undefined method GET

        if (is_numeric($value)) {
            $t = array_key_exists($value, $constraint->date_ids);
            if ($t == NULL) {
                $this->context->addViolation($constraint->invalidMessage, array(
                    '{{ value }}' => 'error.date.1',


In my template:

<?php echo $view['form']->errors($form['date_id']) ?>
//I also tried
<?php echo $this->get('translator')->trans($view['form']->errors($form['date_id'])) ?>
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Put your validators.XX.yml in app/Resources/{your_bundle}/transalations/ or src/your/bundle/Resources/transalition/. –  tomas.pecserke Mar 20 '13 at 16:52
I did. But it doesn't help. Any suggestions? –  craphunter Mar 20 '13 at 17:20
Hey, if you are interested, I posted a solution. Thanks anyway for the advice. –  craphunter Mar 20 '13 at 17:56

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I do have a solution, but I guess it is not nice:

In the action I do pass for each possible error a variable.

'constraints' => array(new CheckChoicesDateId(array('date_ids' => $date_ids, 'error_date_0 => $this->get('translator')...., 'error_date_1 => $this->get('translator')....  ))),

and in the custom validator I call for each error the right variable with $constraint->error_date_X.

Not nice, but it is working. If anybody has a better solution, feel free to post it!

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