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What is the best way to generate an indented line from space characters. I mean something similar to this:

    string indent = String.Join("    ", new String[indentlevel]);
    s.Write(indent + "My line of text");
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You can create your indention with this:

var indent = new string(' ', indentLevel * IndentSize);

IndentSize would be a constant with value 4 or 8.

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I knew there was a simple way I was missing somewhere. So easy to forget that String has a constructor, just like any other class. – RoadieRich Mar 20 '13 at 16:54

I would probably do something like this to add Indent.

public static string Indent(int count)
    return "".PadLeft(count);

To use it you can do the following:

Indent(4) + "My Random Text"

In your application you could simply do:



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It comes in the box!

Use System.CodeDom.Compiler.IndentedTextWriter.

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I was after a more generic solution, but that's handy to know about, too. – RoadieRich Mar 20 '13 at 17:02
This is generic :) Just supply any TextWriter, eg a StringWriter, or Console.Out – leppie Mar 20 '13 at 17:09

yet another way:

int indentLevel = 4;
string myText = "This string will become indented";

string res = String.Format("{0," + indentLevel + "}{1}", String.Empty, myText);
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Compiler will not recognize the separated brackets. – SINGULARITY Feb 23 at 22:58
@SINGULARITY these brackets are located inside the string constant. Here is no problem for compiler – user128048 Feb 24 at 8:40
You're right. My pre-complier was complaining about unclosed brackets. However it did compile and run correctly. – SINGULARITY Feb 24 at 20:31

You can use this generic string extension method (it's performance and memory optimal). You can keep it inside a central 'core' project reference by your main application project(s), then whenever you want to get the indented version of any string, it's just:


(where 'n' is the indent level)

private const byte _indentSize = 4;

public static string Indent(this string originalString, int indentLevel)
    StringBuilder indentedString = new StringBuilder();
    indentedString.Append("".PadLeft(indentLevel * _indentSize));
    return indentedString.ToString();
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