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I want to make a client-server system. The client will be a Windows Phone app that will send its location to the server - a WPF application. What will be the best design for that I'm trying to accomplish? Consider the following:

  • WCF host server on desktop (that communicates with the Windows Phone app)
  • Azure bus service (not sure where to place the server)
  • Database (client will write location, server will read location)


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Unless I failed to understand the complexity of the system, why not simply send the location info from the phone into an Azure queue and read that back with your client app?

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you mean, phone sende message to queue and a window desktop will create a thread the will always listen to recive message form the queue? can that even be done? –  user1763180 Mar 21 '13 at 4:31
Your Windows Desktop app simply polls at regular interval the Azure queue. Here's how to do it: windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/net/how-to-guides/queue-service Another simple solution is to use Azure Mobile Services. You'd send the location info from your phone that will be stored in a SQL Azure database. Your desktop app could then be connected directly to the database. –  CSharpRocks Mar 21 '13 at 11:01

If you need to save the information somewhere it'll probably be a good idea to have the phone app send the location information to a central location where it is stored in a database. A database on a web (or cloud) server is probably a good first option to consider.
The desktop/WPF application can then connect to and read from the database.

Unless you will only ever have a very small user base who are all going to be on the same network, communicating with an application running on a PC/desktop will be highly impractical.

Ultimately, what the "best" solution will depend on the skills, resources, experience, time and other requirements you have.

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