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Please check the script below.

Dynamic form, so the script also dynamic, I have to calculate when the form data changes. during this i am getting some problem.

am getting the value from the variable Final_price1, Final_price2 .....,Final_price7, Final_price8 and then am calculating the total of those.

During this calculation, am concatenating the following concat("Final_price",i); to get the values of the above. This concatenated correctly, but the above variables values are not coming. I dont know why the values are not getting there. So check the script and update me.

function assign_body()
var a_7= document.getElementById("option[280]").value;
     var spl_7  = a_7.split("_");
            var cr_7    = spl_7[1];
            var operator3_7 = cr_7.split("[");
            var symbol7 = operator3_7[0];
            var dtt_7 =  operator3_7[1];
            var myarr_7         = dtt_7.split("$");
            var symbol_st_7 = myarr_7[1];
            //var symbol_a      = symbol_s.split("(");
            //var symbol        = symbol_a[1];
            var split_value_7 = myarr_7[1];
            var final_value_7   =symbol_st_7.split(".");
            var Final_price7    =final_value_7[0];

     var a_8= document.getElementById("option[281]").value;
     var spl_8  = a_8.split("_");
            var cr_8    = spl_8[1];
            var operator3_8 = cr_8.split("[");
            var symbol8 = operator3_8[0];
            var dtt_8 =  operator3_8[1];
            var myarr_8         = dtt_8.split("$");
            var symbol_st_8 = myarr_8[1];
            //var symbol_a      = symbol_s.split("(");
            //var symbol        = symbol_a[1];
            var split_value_8 = myarr_8[1];
            var final_value_8   =symbol_st_8.split(".");
            var Final_price8    =final_value_8[0];

    var j=8;

    var total_amount=0;
    for(var i=1; i<=j; i++)

                /*if(symbol_prices =='+') {
                     var total_amount+=parseInt(original_prices)+parseInt(final_prices);
                } else if(symbol_prices =='-') {
                     var total_amount+=parseInt(original_prices)-parseInt(final_prices);



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Try breaking your code down into relevant sections and posting only the broken part here. –  Brad M Mar 20 '13 at 17:29
create a fiddle and maybe someone then helps –  theshadowmonkey Mar 20 '13 at 17:30
isnt you total amount a varibale created in the loop and getting destroyed after the function ends, when it should be static? –  theshadowmonkey Mar 20 '13 at 17:31
If you're trying to get the values out of the variables using dynamic variable names, see this: stackoverflow.com/questions/15481174/… –  bfavaretto Mar 20 '13 at 17:32
Hi guys...Thank for ur response comment...Hi @theshadowmonkey...yes i am getting total amount in that variable.... –  user2142708 Mar 21 '13 at 4:37

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