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i have 3 functions:-

select function1(param1) from dual;
select function2(param2) from dual;
select function3(param3) from dual;

i want to use 3 of them in 1 package.

Create or replace package body PACKAGE_ABC

as procedure proc_abc(param1 varchar,param2 varchar,param3 varchar)


cursor cur1
select meaning from
where meaning=(select function1(param1) from dual)

cursor cur2
select meaning from
where meaning=(select function2(param2) from dual)

cursor cur3
select meaning from
where meaning=(select function3(param3) from dual)

for cursor_var in cur1
fnd_output.put_line(cursor_var.meaning )
end loop;
for cursor_var2 in cur2
fnd_output.put_line(cursor_var2.meaning )
end loop;

for cursor_var3 in cur3
fnd_output.put_line(cursor_var3.meaning )
end loop;

end proc_abc;
end package_abc;

is thr anyway by which i can use the 3 funcns in one for loop..... the 3 cursors select statement use the same table but are fetching diff values

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If I understand the question, it sounds like you just want your query to be

SELECT meaning
  FROM table1
 WHERE meaning IN (function1(param1), function2(param2), function3(param3))

Of course, there are a couple issues with this

  • In the code you posted param1, param2, and param3 are all undeclared. So you'd get syntax errors if you tried to compile this.
  • If you are only selecting the meaning column and you are filtering on the meaning column, there is no reason to reference table1 in your query. You'd simply want to select the result of the function call from dual.
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i cant use in clause as the 3 functions are fetching 3 diff colums from the table......i want to print each of the meaning seperately – user2187584 Mar 20 '13 at 17:40
@user2187584 - Sorry, I don't follow. It doesn't matter what column(s) are referenced by the function. The only thing that matters is what the function returns. In the code you posted, you indicate that it is valid to compare the return type of all three functions to the meaning column in table1. If that is the case, you can use an IN clause. If you are saying that you want to compare the result of function1 against one column and the result of function2 against a different column, that is very different than what you posted. – Justin Cave Mar 20 '13 at 17:46
i want to print by using fnd_output.put_line each of the meaning i get from each cursor..... see i have edited and fetched meaning frm three diff table – user2187584 Mar 20 '13 at 17:47
@user2187584 - OK. That's a radically different question then. In your updated code, you've fixed the issue with the undeclared parameters. But there is still no need to use any of the three tables since you are fetching the data from the same column that you are filtering on so you merely need to select each function from dual. Do you want to make another change so that there is a need to use any of the three tables? – Justin Cave Mar 20 '13 at 17:51

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