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I've created my own Resource on my Django-Tastypie API. I've been implementing some rest operations and now i would like to implement my custom paginator, that will generate next/prev values based on a "key" passed by url.

The problem is: if i pass a value like "http:localhost:8000/api/stats/list/nextpage/", the obj_get is automatically called and don't let me return a list of values, only one value.

So i want that obj_get returns more than one value. My api.py looks like this:

My Resource class:

class CountryCountResource(Resource):

   countryName= fields.CharField(attribute='countryName')
   countryCount = fields.FloatField(attribute='countryCount')

   class Meta:
       resource_name = 'country/list'
       object_class = dict2obj
       include_resource_uri = False
       authorization = DjangoAuthorization()
       authentication = BasicAuthentication()

   def detail_uri_kwargs(self, bundle_or_obj):
       kwargs = {}

       if isinstance(bundle_or_obj, Bundle):
           kwargs['pk'] = bundle_or_obj.obj.countryName
           kwargs['pk'] = bundle_or_obj.countryName

       return kwargs

   def obj_get_list(self, request=None, **kwargs):

       db = MySQLdb.connect(host='xxxxxx',user='xxx',passwd='xxx',db='xxx')
       cur = db.cursor()
       cur.execute("SELECT count(*) FROM users")
       for item in total_users:

       cur.execute("SELECT country,count(country) FROM users GROUP BY country ORDER BY    count(country) DESC LIMIT 0,10")

       #ordered tuple

       for i in mylist:
           res="%.2f" % res


       return newlist

   def obj_get(self, request=None, **kwargs):
       return newlist <<<<<<------- DONT WORK

Any idea?

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I highly recommend to use or customize the paginator behavior that comes with any ModelResource by default: http://django-tastypie.readthedocs.org/en/latest/paginator.html

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