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I'm using git as version control and I'm trying to hook the SHA1 of the current commit into a visual studio build as a define.

So basically I want to turn the output of the command

git rev-parse HEAD

into a define that I can embed in the output binary.

Thanks in advance.

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Using a post-commit githook, you can put it into a file. I think git on windows comes with a bourne shell, so the following would work in a post-commit hook.

echo -n '#define GIT_SHA ' > $GIT_SHA_INCLUDE_FILE
git rev-parse HEAD >> $GIT_SHA_INCLUDE_FILE

And save that as .git/hooks/post-commit

The file should remain untracked since it's (nearly) impossible to include the hash of the commit within the commit itself.

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Here's one gotcha that might be an issue:… – forivall Mar 20 '13 at 18:09

Frankly, I prefer a pre-build events in Visual Studio over Git post-commit. There is additional benefit of knowing if you building from a dirty repository or not. Did the write-up on that today. Here are the general steps from build to execution:

The build process has a pre-build script, which gathers version and repository status information. In our case, VC++ uses the Windows PowerShell version_info.ps1 script.

The pre-build script generates a source code file, which is expected by the rest of the codebase. The generated file has everything needed to allow or deny running the version. In our case it is a C++ header file version.h.

A code contains function which checks if the build is legitimate to run, and logs and stops the process as needed. That example code is in the versionLogAndVet function of the version.cpp example file.

At run time, the versionLogAndVet function allows to run only permitted combinations of repository status / build configuration. It also logs version information.

The specifics and code examples are at the full post.

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