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this is a visual representation of my directory :

enter image description here

here is the code snippet from test1.py

def foo():

here is the code of test2.py

import imp

TEST1 = imp.load_source('test1', '../test1.py')

def test2():

running test2.py

cd subdir
python test2.py

got IOERROR: No Such file or directory : "./test1.dat"

my question is :

if I don't change the structure of directory, for example move test2.py to its parent directory, is it possible to make module test1 find the correct file when calling it in module test2?

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@redShadow , Yes,I only can read the parent directory. –  camino Mar 20 '13 at 18:10

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This will give you the path to a module that was loaded:

import a_module
print a_module.__file__

To get the directory of the module:

import os, a_module
path = os.path.dirname(a_module.__file__)

Putting it all together, I'd use this approach if you're looking for files relative to another module:

from test1.py

def foo(path):

from test2.py

import os, test1
path = os.path.dirname(test1.__file__)
test1.foo(path + "/test1.dat")
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Thanks , but in function foo ,it has no input parameter –  camino Mar 20 '13 at 18:29
I think it should be better to replace relative path with file in test1.py. It seems it was not a good idea to use relative path in python module:) –  camino Mar 20 '13 at 18:39

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