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I am trying to find out which element of each of my sub-lists is the minimum for that particular sub-list. The current chunk of data I am trying to apply the functionality to is a record of 41 entries. They get grouped by another function that produces indices for each of the sub-lists or sub-group. Elements 1:8 are in the first sub-group, the following sub-groups are as follow: 9:17, 18:23, 24:33, 34:41. Please note I called the data I am working with "b1", and the index created to group b1's element into sub-groups is "indx". I am able to find out the minimum value in each sub-group using sapply like this:

sapply(indx, function(i) min(b1[i])

But, I am stuck at finding which "b1" element is each of these numbers sapply provided above. I know I probably need the function which() and mapply(), but have not been able to put it together.

Reproducible data:

b1 <- sample(1:20,41,T)
starts <- c(1,9,18,24,34)
stops <- c(8,17,23,33,41)
indx <- mapply(seq, from=starts, to=stops)
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Can you clarify what you mean by b1(i)? Is b1 a function? –  joran Mar 20 '13 at 18:28
b1 is the entire record before the sub-lists are created. b1[i] is to extract b1 components for the min function. I apologize for the error, I used () instead of []. –  user2004820 Mar 20 '13 at 18:44

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You basically figured it out yourself.


sapply(indx, function(i) which.min(b1[i]))


I'm not sure anymore if that is actually what you want. The answer above should return you the index of the minimum element within each subgroup.

In that case you could do the following (one of probably quite a few possible ways):

indices <- 1:length(b1)
sapply(indx, function(i) indices[i][which.min(b1[i])])
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yes, thanks it worked! –  user2004820 Mar 20 '13 at 19:37

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