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Just this, I'd like to stream uploaded filed directly from the net to the filesystem to avoid out of memory errors. Can I do it with CakeRequest::input()? Is there any other way?

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Maybe it's best to read the API documentation CakeRequest::input() or the source;


According to the source, 'input()' reads directly from php://input via the _readInput() method:

However, if I read that part of the source code correctly, it will read the entire stream in memory before returning its content. So I don't think this will give you what you want.

There may be other solutions, maybe a plugin exists. However, you may write your own implementation, using the CakeRequest as an example?

You may also check the HttpSocket class

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Do you know how PHP itself actually handles files upload? Does it read all the file in memory before write it on the tmp folder? Hope not :) –  s.susini Mar 23 '13 at 18:31

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