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I have a windows form application (compact framework 3.5) that runs on a mobile scanner device. The scanner has an RFID reread card on it (not sure which one yet) and I will need to connect to RFID tag by Savis-EchoPoint (ST-656 and ST-654) for read/write to the tag, wirelessly. Is anyone familiar with the issue?

1) I wanted to make sure that those RFID tags can be connected with wireless? 2) Anyone knows which RFID readers can connect to this Active tags by wireless, and are those readers offering .Net library for connecting to them?

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I suspect this is off-topic here. Have you tried contacting the vendor(s) involved? – 500 - Internal Server Error Mar 20 '13 at 18:55
before you can start with RFID you have to ensure that the TAGs and the reader are compatible. Active RFID TAGs work different than passive TAGs. Then there are different frequency bands TAGs and Readers are built for. With the given information there is no chance to help. – josef Mar 21 '13 at 5:14
Thanks for the reply. I will check immediately this issue and will post more info. – user2192280 Mar 21 '13 at 14:37
Hi Josef, My reader is the Motorola scanner MC9190Z RFID handheld, and my tags are RFID active tags by Savi (EchoPoint ST-656 and ST-654 ). I couldn't find anywhere an answer if those devices (the reader and the Active tag) are compatible. Do you have any idea regarding them? (I already tried contacting Savi and Motorola to check if their devices are compatible with each other but I didn't get any reply). I am a bit lost. Is there anyone that can share some information about that? – user2192280 Mar 29 '13 at 19:19

I've used the MC9190Z device and it is designed for use with EPC Gen tags. The tags you listed look like they are high capacity active tags for storing shipping container manifests. These are not the same thing.

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Motorola reader will not be compatible with the type of tag you are trying to read/write. When dealing with RFID tags you need to take into consideration two major factors: frequency (also modulation) and communication protocol. Frequency: I have worked with both devices and the ST-654 uses 433MHz and Motorola offers RFID for 902-928 MHz (US) or 868 MHz (EU), so the communication between devices using different frequencies will never work. Savi conform to ISO-18000-7 (433 MHz) and Motorola to ISO-18000-6c. Communication protocol: Because SAVI tags use 433MHZ this protocol is not higly standardized as EPC Gen2, so even if you find a reader on the same frequency you will need to find a reader using the same protocol. When both your devices use ISO18000-7 there is no guarantee that all the features available in the tag will be available but only those that are made available by the compliannce to the standard. Also, the SAVI tag uses two types of frequencies so it will probably be very difficult to find equipments (other than SAVI) that match all these specifications. Now, I have worked with Savi ST-654 (which is a special kind of tag, mainly used in DoD logistics traking) and the option there was to use a USB programming cable. Your best bet for creating an application would be to use Savi product and technical advice, if Savi supplies SDK or API for their products.

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