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I have got a server for which I use sinatra and rack and a simple client application (Java/JavaScript, running on Tomcat) which should consume the services my server offers. My browser displays the client application and this application then sends requests to a server. Now I've got a question:

Is it possible to set cookies from the ruby server to the browser?

And if yes: How can I do this?

So far I do it like this

cookies[:user_id] = user_id

as described here in the sinatra documentation.

When I request my sinatra server directly with the browser it sets a cookie. But not when I request it via my application. Thanks in advance!

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you're setting cookies on the client side (Java app) because that's the endpoint requesting from your sinatra app. In order to set a cookie in the browser you'd have to forward these cookies or use them as third party cookies, poosibly by making a direct request to the sinatra app. I'd probably forward the cookies from the middle app to the browser.

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Thanks for your answer! But how do I forward the cookie? Is there any special javascript method to access the cookie?.. I can see it in the console, but I don't know how to handle with it. – ada91 Mar 20 '13 at 19:31

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