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i am trying to use the Curtain.js plugin on a website i am making for a friend. The site is still not ready, there are some "pages" missing, but today i noticed that there is something wrong.

When i preview the website on Safari (5.7.1) the website gets "stuck" between two of the pages. it never goes down to the third page... I also notice that during the "scrolling" from the first to the second, something strange happens to the scrollbar!

When i preview the website on Chrome it works fine.

Do you see this problem also? in other browsers? Any ideas what is happening here and how to fix it?

I don't have a clue where the problem is, so i don't know what code to post, but here is the link for a "test page" of the website: http://popo.webatu.com/hottalent_test/TalentShow.html

Thank you!

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ok, i think i found it! Maybe other people have the same problem, so i'll post here what the problem is.

in my contact form, i had this:

<label><span class="formQuestion">Name:</span>
  <input placeholder="Your name" type="text" tabindex="1" required autofocus>

i tried many things, and i noticed that when i remove the "AUTOFOCUS" from that input things seem to work fine.

so now my code looks like:

<label><span class="formQuestion">Name:</span>
  <input placeholder="Your name" type="text" tabindex="1" required>

Any ideas why this is so?

Hope maybe some day this is helpful to someone else! ;)

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