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I have searched SO for this question but all I found was how to run JUnit from command line on a single file.

I have a small Javaproject which I created using maven. This project has my JUnit test calsses, suites and test runner.

I compiled the project using maven and got a jar file of the project called cs.jar.

The tests run fine when I use maven from eclipse or from maven command line.

Now I have to pass this cs.jar to my colleague who does not have maven on his machine, so I thought I will send him the junit.jar and my cs.jar so that he can run the test cases and see the results.

He uses windows machine and I sent him instruction to run the JUnit from command line using this syntax:

java -cp cs.jar;junit.jar;hamcrest-core.jar org.runner.JUnitCore com.abc.cs.test.run.CSTestRunner

However I get the message -

JUnit version 4.11
Could not find class: com.abc.cs.test.run.CSTestRunner

Any ideas what am I missing?

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The two classes (command line and error message) don't match, do you think that is the problem? –  Matthew Farwell Mar 21 '13 at 6:34
@Matthew -No that is not the problem. I had manually edited the package names to give an example. It was typo mistake. My package names are correct in the actual code. –  Dinesh Arora Mar 25 '13 at 20:45
do a jar -tvf cs.jar and make sure that the class is in it. –  Ray Tayek Mar 25 '13 at 21:18

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When you build your project with Maven it is kind enough to exclude test classes from the packaged jar. This is normal behavior, and nice; you do your tests when you build and then get a nice lightweight jar.

If you want to package your test classes with your jar (not recommended for production use) you can see Maven's solution.

However, the real solution is to get your buddy on the Maven bandwagon ;)

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