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Lets say I have a web project hosted somewhere (github, googlecode or etc.). Is there a service that I can integrate with my work ,so that would monitor the usage of my software. I wan't to know how many people are using my code and etc. I need this information just to see how my project goes over the time (monitor its progress) Are there any implications of using such an application and what ?

Any suggestions ?

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Are you talking about the number of downloads or may be git clone ? –  Tuxdude Mar 20 '13 at 20:32
I don't care that much about the number of downloads, but the number of people running it and prob using it –  greenLizard Mar 20 '13 at 20:45

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What type of web project is it? Anything you put in the source will be able to be removed or edited by your users. If they leave it in, then your project will need to notify a server somewhere via AJAX, or whatever, on a regular basis to keep accurate stats. I think looking at the number of downloads/forks/etc is simpler, and will still give you a general level of interest in your project.

If you aren't satisfied with that, you will probably have to roll your own. It's hard to give details without knowing more about your project. One example would be to set up a specific URL on a server, and in your application code, send an AJAX request to that URL every time the project is opened. This seems a little obtrusive to me, especially for only wanting to follow the stats of your open source project.

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