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I have a fairly large javascript application mostly using jquery and knockout. Essentially I make one major separation in my folder structure app has all the code I have written and is further divided into constants, views, models, and viewmodels. Then I have vendor which is code I did not write like jquery, knockout, plugins, etc. The problem I am having is where do I put the stuff that falls in between. I Have written some custom bindings for knockout and extended some functionality of some jquery plugins and they are just sitting in the root of my app dir. What is a best practice or naming convention for this.

 -- constants
 -- models
 -- viewmodels
 -- views
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A typical practice is to create a "System" or "Core" directory for all your system or core functionalities. You can also create a folder called "Plugins" to put all your plugins for jquery or knockout .etc. I would also change the name of your folder "vendor" to "lib" which is where most of the libraries live! – Sujesh Arukil Mar 21 '13 at 13:07
could you write out a folder structure like above in an answer so I can accept it. – BillPull Mar 21 '13 at 15:55

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 -- system (or core) //contains core or system related generics
 -- config // single place to store your configurations, if you have just one, put it at the root
 -- plugins // all plugins or ko bindings here
 -- constants
 -- models
 -- viewmodels
 -- views
 -- main.js // any bootstrapping, initial configurations and such go in to this file.
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