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I have the following ANTLR rule:

 : ('int' | 'char') IDENT '(' args ')' body -> ^(PROCEDURE IDENT (args)* body)

I want to capture the ('int' | 'char') portion in the AST. As you can see, on the right hand side it doesn't appear, but I'm not sure how to have the chosen 'int' or 'char' appear in the AST. I'd like the 'int' or 'char' portion to be in the tree under the PROCEDURE root but before the IDENT.

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Note that you have args* inside your rewrite rule, but args in the parser rule. You probably want to remove the *. –  Bart Kiers Mar 20 '13 at 21:06
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You can label the pair, and then reference the label in the rewrite:

    : primType=('int' | 'char') IDENT '(' args ')' body
      -> ^(PROCEDURE $primType IDENT args body)
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