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Playing with Hash I came across the following output, not sure why this is. Is there a embedded whitespace in hash by default?

#! /usr/bin/perl
# playwhash
use warnings;
use strict;

my %normal = ("Tom ","5'3","Peter ","5'11","John " ,"5'7",);
foreach (1..6) {
    print each %normal, "\n";

The output looks like

Peter 5'11
Tom 5'3
John 5'7

Peter 5'11
Tom 5'3
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From the docs on each function:

After each has returned all entries from the hash or array, the next call to each returns the empty list in list context and undef in scalar context; the next call following that one restarts iteration.

So, after third iteration each just returns an empty list to show that there are no more elements in hash. Next calls return hash entries from the beginning.

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Sorry. I should have checked perldoc for it first. Thank you for pointing it out. –  B Chen Mar 20 '13 at 21:20

The each returns the key and value, so the number of iterations is not 6 (this is the sum of keys + values). This is a common use of each:

while( ($key, $value) = each %normal ) {
   print "$key  =>  $value\n";

or just for printing perl structures:

use Data::Dump;
my %normal = ("Tom ","5'3","Peter ","5'11","John " ,"5'7",);
dd %normal;
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