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I want to send the following via netcat:


(4 ASCII characters and a zero)

How is this done? I'm using Windows XP.

Thank you.

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# echo -ne "99||\x00" | nc <host> <port>
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This should be the accepted answer! Helped me to answer my own question and get my software working. Thanks –  Misha M Aug 10 '13 at 3:39

Depending on your Unix flavor you can try one of these

echo '99||#' | tr '#' '\000' | netcat <host> <port>

echo -e '99||\000' | netcat <host> <port>
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Put the bytes into a file with binary editor and pipe it to netcat. Windows shell too supports input from file redirection via

netcat (options) < (file)

Alternatively, you may be able to input it with keyboard directly via Alt-000, but I doubt it.

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