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Very similar this answer, except I want to generate a histogram for a still image.

Below is what I'm doing, and it's giving a histogram with all 0 data. Is there some trick to getting this working?

GPUImageFilter *filter = [[GPUImageHistogramFilter alloc]  initWithHistogramType:kGPUImageHistogramRGB];

GPUImagePicture *original = [[[GPUImagePicture alloc] initWithImage:image] autorelease];

GPUImageGammaFilter *gammaFilter = [[GPUImageGammaFilter alloc] init];
[original addTarget:gammaFilter];
[gammaFilter addTarget:filter];

GPUImageHistogramGenerator *histogramGraph = [[GPUImageHistogramGenerator alloc] init];

[histogramGraph forceProcessingAtSize:CGSizeMake(256.0, 330.0)];
[filter addTarget:histogramGraph];

GPUImageAlphaBlendFilter *blendFilter = [[GPUImageAlphaBlendFilter alloc] init];
blendFilter.mix = 0.75;
[blendFilter forceProcessingAtSize:CGSizeMake(256.0, 330.0)];

[original addTarget:blendFilter];
[histogramGraph addTarget:blendFilter];

[blendFilter addTarget:gpuImageView];

[original processImage];
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Any particular reason you're autoreleasing the GPUImagePicture *original object? It's possible it's getting deallocated at the end of the method. –  Andrew Theis Apr 16 '13 at 19:03
@AndrewTheis I think GPUImage is a non-ARC library –  aug2uag Apr 10 '14 at 4:13
@aug2uag GPUImage is ARC compatible –  Andrea Apr 28 '14 at 8:24
Thank you @Andrea +1 –  aug2uag Apr 28 '14 at 18:10

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Brad has changed some inner mechanism to GPUImage to improve memory management (and it does)in the last releases, now you should tell the filter to keep the frame for still images -useNextFrameForImageCapture .

UIImage *inputImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"Lambeau.jpg"];

GPUImagePicture *stillImageSource = [[GPUImagePicture alloc] initWithImage:inputImage];
GPUImageSepiaFilter *stillImageFilter = [[GPUImageSepiaFilter alloc] init];

[stillImageSource addTarget:stillImageFilter];
[stillImageFilter useNextFrameForImageCapture]
[stillImageSource processImage];

UIImage *currentFilteredVideoFrame = [stillImageFilter imageFromCurrentFramebuffer];
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