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I currently have some CSS3 animations that play in an infinite loop upon page load.

Is there a way, to trigger these manually - for example if I were to hover over another DOM element, without the need for Javascript/Jquery?

i.e -> hover over element a -> starts animations on DOM elements x,y,z

Many thanks in advance

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You could set it up as a class in your CSS and then use javascript to trigger add/remove.

}, function(){

In order to hook into events, you're going to need Javascript.

Another way you could do it using pure CSS is to use the pseudo class :hover, but only if #element2 is a child of #element1.

#element1:hover #element2{
  /* Your animation */
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Perfect! Thanks for quick response. Marked as accepted – Graeme Leighfield Mar 20 '13 at 22:44

Your DOM would need to be set up so that x, y, and z are inside element a. Then you could do:

a:hover x,y,z {
    animation:yourAnimation 5s infinite;
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