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I have been unable to get the new dev_appserver to work. When I roll back to the old_dev_appserver my application is having trouble fetching data from the datastore because model.key().id() doesn't seem to be returning the correct id.

Anybody know what I might be doing wrong?


When looking at the datastore in _ah/admin I can see that the entities have and id of 5764607523034234880 but calling entitiy_instance.key().id() returns 5188146770730811000

In other words calling Model.get_by_id(entity.key().id()) returns None. I believe it should return the entity.

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1.7.6 changed the default ID allocation from sequential to scattered, which results in such big ID numbers and the problems you've encountered. There's a bug registered to fix this issue.

Meanwhile, my suggestion for local development, is to manually set ID allocation back to sequential, as described here (Specifying the Automatic ID Allocation Policy)

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I found that something changed betwene 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 that caused these long number to be truncated in a json.stringify().

I fixed the issue by casting the long id to str before placing in the dict to stringify.

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