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I am using EF 5 wit Pocos and I have the following code line:

user.Seals.Add(new Seal("token", "flag"));

Both User and Seal are EF entities pocos as follows:

user.Seals.Add(new UserUnlockSealModel());

Where UserUnlockSealModel is the following:

public class UserUnlockSealModel : Seal {

  public UserUnlockSealModel() : base(Cryptographer.Salt(32), "UU") { }

} // UserUnlockSealModel

But when I use this I get the following error:

Message = "Mapping and metadata information could not be found for EntityType 'UserUnlockSealModel'."

What am I missing here? Can't I use an entity as a Base Class?

Thank You, Miguel

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Did you figure this out? –  Ian1971 Apr 22 '13 at 21:22

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