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I am trying to start a process via twisted. I am parsing a JSON file the following structure with multiple commands in it:

"key"     : "test",
"cmd"     : "cat",
"args"    : "/opt/vinci/rxDaemons.json | grep cmd",
"restart" : 5,
"auto"    : 0

the command I am attempting is very simple; I am searching the file for the term "cmd" (as I am sure you could pick out)

the code I am using to spawn the process is as follows:

cmd, args, uid, gid, env = self.processes[name]

proto = LoggingProtocol()
proto.service = self
proto.name = name
self.protocols[name] = proto
self.timeStarted[name] = self._reactor.seconds()
newArgs = str(cmd).split() + args.split()
self._reactor.spawnProcess(proto, str(cmd), args=newArgs, env=env, uid=uid, gid=gid )

The response is:

cat: |: No such file or directory
cat: grep: No such file or directory
cat: cmd: No such file or directory

It then cats the entire file

I am assuming it us running cat on each of the args but I have no idea why

How do I properly use more than one arg with spawnProcess?

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The problem is that | isn't an argument to cat, it's part of bash. In POpen you can add shell=True to the command, but that doesn't seem to be available in Twisted. The "correct" solution is probably to implement the piping in Twisted, not in bash.

EDIT: Actually in your case, this is a "useless use of cat", just run this command instead:

grep cmd /opt/vinci/rxDaemons
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It is useless when it comes to creating that specific output, however, it is useful in that is has multiple arguments. I suppose the that the command you suggested is multiple arguments as well... –  RyGuy Mar 20 '13 at 23:53
either way, you are correct about the "|". Thank you! –  RyGuy Mar 20 '13 at 23:56

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