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How would I eliminate the left recursion in this CFG?

<RE> -> <RE>'|'<CONCAT> | <CONCAT>
<KLEEN> -> <KLEEN>'*' | <ELEM>
<ELEM> -> 'a' | 'b' | 'c' | 'd' | '('<RE>')'
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Assuming this is homework, make an effort first. Yourself. Even if it's not homework, show what has been tried and exactly what issue(s) are being encountered. –  user166390 Mar 21 '13 at 1:14

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Have a look at the section on Removing Left Recursion on Wikipedia.

Theres an description of exactly how to do it, following of;

Moore, Robert C. (May 2000). "Removing Left Recursion from Context-Free Grammars" . 6th Applied Natural Language Processing Conference: 249–255. http://aclweb.org/anthology-new/A/A00/A00-2033.pdf .

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