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I have a list of (x,y) values that are in a list like [(x,y),(x,y),(x,y)....]. I feel like there is a solution in matplotlib, but I couldn't quite get there because of my formatting. I would like to plot it as a histogram or line plot. Any help is appreciated.

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Perhaps you could try something like this (also see):

import numpy as np:
xs=[]; ys=[]
for x,y in xy_list:

Maybe not the most elegant solution, but it should work. Cheers, Trond

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Nice, this is basically an implementation of zip. – askewchan Mar 21 '13 at 3:07

You can quite easily convert a list of (x, y) tuples into a list of two tuples of x- and y- coordinates using the * ('splat') operator (see also this SO question):

>>> zip(*[(0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 4), (3, 9)])
[(0, 1, 2, 3), (0, 1, 4, 9)]

And then, you can use the * operator again to unpack those arguments into plt.plot

>>> plt.plot(*zip(*[(0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 4), (3, 9)]))

or even

>>>*zip(*[(0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 4), (3, 9)]))
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Exactly what I was looking for! – pioneer903 Mar 21 '13 at 2:58

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