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Trying to create a link in a CRM to open the page in the Magento store to create an Order for the currently selected Customer.

When I click on the CREATE ORDER button in Magento while viewing the customer in Magento, this is the URL: https://MYMAGENTOWEBADDRESS.COM/index.php/LOGINNAME/sales_order_create/index/customer_id/124/key/bcdf929c421eb95f577b5e50d73f4b02/

I tried to build this link in the CRM replacing the customer_id but I believe the KEY is an important piece I am missing.

I guessed that if that link will create an order for Customer 124, then the following link would create an order for Customer 300:


Nope. The key value is constantly changing. Is there a way to create a link, outside of Magento, that will launch the page to create an order with the desired customer information selected?


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Option 1 : In the controller Mage::getSingleton('adminhtml/url')->turnOffSecretKey();

Option 2 : disable secret key in admin

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