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We have a website with anonymous user content generally static (updated once every hour), and content for logged in users different for every user, updated frequently.

Is it possible to configure cloudflare so that HTML is cached for anonymous users but not logged in users, given the same URL for both?

Are there any cache headers we can set that are relevant?

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i have been struggling with the same scenario, and as far as i seen there's no way, In cloudflare you can set up Page Rules but those will only look at the URL itself.

So the only solution i see would be having diferent URL's (some extra parameter or maybe a subdomain) for each kind of users, then you'll easily set up the rules to manually force the cache expiration time

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I am not sure if this would work, but the only way I can think of doing this as a possibility is via HTTP/HTTPS as you can use this in the CloudFlare Page Rules.

So if you set the WordPress FORCE_SSL_ADMIN constant to true, and then were to redirect all the logged in user URL requests to the HTTPS schema of the page, this might do the trick and thus make it possible to bypass the CloudFlare cache?

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