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To make it clear, little example:

public class Book
    [MyAttrib(isListed = true)]
    public string Name;

    [MyAttrib(isListed = false)]
    public DateTime ReleaseDate;

    [MyAttrib(isListed = true)]
    public int PagesNumber;

    [MyAttrib(isListed = false)]
    public float Price;

The question is: how do I get only properties where the bool parameter isListed is set true on MyAttrib?

This is what I got:

PropertyInfo[] myProps = myBookInstance.
                         Where(x => (x.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MyAttrib), false).Length > 0)).ToArray();

myProps got all properties from Book, but now, I can't figure out how to exclude them, when its isListed parameter returns false.

foreach (PropertyInfo prop in myProps)
    object[] attribs = myProps.GetCustomAttributes(false);

    foreach (object att in attribs)
        MyAttrib myAtt = att as MyAttrib;

        if (myAtt != null)
            if (myAtt.isListed.Equals(false))
                // if is true, should I add this property to another PropertyInfo[]?
                // is there any way to filter?

Any suggestions would be very apreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I think using Linq's query syntax would be a bit easier.

var propList = 
    from prop in myBookInstance.GetType()
    let attrib = prop.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MyAttrib), false)
    where attrib != null && attrib.isListed
    select prop;
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