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I am trying to create a automated ftp log in script in Expect/TCL.

This is my script

   spawn ftp 
   expect ".*:"
   send "username"
   expect ".*:"
   send "password"
   expect ".*>"

I get an error in Windows XP saying , it encountered an error and needs to close . But same thing work on a windows 2000 .

Can anyone guide me .

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Could you describe, what version of tcl and expect are you using? Is this ActiveState TCL or Cygwin? –  elder_george Oct 12 '09 at 11:00
I am using activestate TCL 8.4 and Expect 5.4 on Win XP. –  rrmo Oct 12 '09 at 11:26

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Have you tried to launch your script with wish instead of tclsh? It might make a different.

Reference: http://wiki.tcl.tk/3548

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