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Im a noob with Powershell, I need help converting a specific man page into an html document


my code is: get-help about_scripts | convertto-html > scr.html

it creates an html page but it doesn't have most of the data in just the first couple of lines and a number showing how long it is.

can someone help by telling me what I'm doing wrong?

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Why reinvent the wheel? PowerShell has all the documentation online already..


You can find the help files for all the cmdlets. For 3rd party modules, documentation is usually included or available online.

All PowerShell Core modules

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ConvertTo-HTML -Body "<p>$(Get-Help about_scripts)</p>" | Out-File aboutscripts.html

Start Here

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This is not a very good answer because the formatting is so bad. –  Mad Tom Vane Mar 21 '13 at 5:12

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