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I would like to use an applescript to run a command in an existing open terminal window. It is not a normal bash terminal window it's a java terminal for a game server console (minecraft)

I have never written applescript before so I am trying to learn as I go. It seems that all the snippets and tutorials I have found all open a new bash window but that wont work in this case. e.g.

tell application "Terminal"
        do script "save-all"
    end try
end tell

How can I use applescript to run commands in this existing window?

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You need to either A) compile your Applescript via ScriptEditor and then call that compiled script from your Java terminal somehow (does the "osascript" command work in that terminal?) or B) you need to write a native Objective-C tool that you can call from some kind of glue layer in your Java app.

Here is also a related question I just discovered that may have some useful answers/hints for you.

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tell application "Terminal"
    do script "save-all" in front window    
end tell
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