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I'm trying to write documentation for an R package in Markdown, and have it converted to an Rd file.

I guess another way to look at this is that I want a framework that recognises various markdown constructs and allows me to specify how these should be rendered, e.g.:

  • `text in backticks` gets converted to \code{text in backticks}
  • **text** is converted to \bold{text}
  • markdown lists are converted to \itemize{...}

and so on.

Is there something that will let me do this? The pander package in R (wrapping around pandoc) looked promising, but I'm not sure that I can specify conversion rules (for example it converts backticks using \texttt and I want \code), and it also generates a complete standalone document rather than just my input snippet converted.

The markdown package for R appears to just do markdown -> HTML. It looks like it might have support for custom renderers but I'm not sure how to write one (it looks like I have to write C code?)

I'm after something like this:

                backticks = function (txt) {
                    return(paste0('\\code{', txt, '}'))
                bold = function(txt) {
                    return(paste0('\\bold{', txt, '}'))
                unordered.list = function (items) {
                    itms <- paste('\\item', items, collapse='\n')
                    return(paste('\\itemize{', itms, '}', sep='\n'))
                # ... and so on

Does such a thing exist?

(Bonus: I just want to be able to embed markdown in my roxygen comments, so was thinking of converting parts of the comments from markdown to rd, and then running roxygen on the output).

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Why not convert the whole thing and then read in and gsub the way you'd like. Pandoc does pretty much everything you want but gsub out \\texttt{ for \\code{ etc. Have a look at this and steal like it's your job. –  Tyler Rinker Mar 21 '13 at 5:21
"Why not convert the whole thing" - what do you mean? You mean just use pandoc to do markdown -> latex and then rely on gsub to convert latex -> Rd? –  mathematical.coffee Mar 21 '13 at 5:24
Yeah exactly. Would that work? Just curious, why not roxygen2? –  Tyler Rinker Mar 21 '13 at 5:25
Hmm, I suppose it might, though it seems a bit hacky. And oh, I meant roxygen2. I'll have to find some way to feed the modified text into roxygenise. –  mathematical.coffee Mar 21 '13 at 5:29
Oh I got you I missed the roxygen2 use. –  Tyler Rinker Mar 21 '13 at 5:39

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