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I have created sample WindowsRunTimeComponent app in windows 8, with one property my class looks like..

namespace WindowsRunTimeComponentTest
public sealed class Class1
 public NetworkCredential Credentials {get; set;}

when I tried to build this, its giving error :

Method 'WindowsRunTimeComponentTest.class1.Credentials.get()' returns System.Net.Credentials', which is not a valid Windows Runtime type. Methods exposed to Windows Runtime must return only Windows Runtime types.

I have vs2012. please any idea what I have to change to resolve this issue?

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My best guess is, when you create a Windows Runtime Component, your component can be used by languages that are not managed, like Javascript or C++. Those languages don't know how to create specific .NET types such as NetworkCredentials.

For more info see the MSDN documentation here and this stackoverflow post.

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