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I'm using codeigniter 2.1 and I defined a function as follows.

public function reset($email, $hash) {


According to MVC architecture and OOPS concept, the function could not execute if I did not pass the parameters in the url. But in codeigniter this function gets executing, So how can i overcome this?. Please help me to find solutions.

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how you are calling to reset method , I mean can you please provide the url? –  sandip Mar 21 '13 at 5:58
CI controller function is php function also so it behave same as php function . so function is called as default behavioral of php functoin –  Desert P Mar 21 '13 at 6:47
you should reveal some of your URL and explain how it's getting executed. –  MahanGM Mar 21 '13 at 6:50

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Just you need to define null parametra like this:

public function reset($email = null, $hash = null) {


If you call function

(controller name)/reset/mail@mail.com/dsadasda

than $email = mail@mail.com & $hash = dsadasda

if you function

(controller name)/reset

than $email and $hash will be null.

Also you can declare default parametre like this.

public function reset($email = mail@mail.com, $hash = dsadasdas) {


Hope that I was clear.

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If you want to execute function with or without parameters you can set default values for it.

public function reset($email = '', $hash = '') {


This way when there are no parameters function can still execute. You can use condition for code

public function reset($email = '', $hash = '') {

    if(!empty($email) AND !empty($hash)){
        //your code here
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