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I would like to mention now that I am not overly fluent with either RegEx or BASH, so an in-deph explanation would be greatly appreciated, this way I can learn. Thanks.

I have greatly dulled down this file, but basically what I am wanting to do is take an array $sqldatabases and check to see which variables contain the @ symbol, then update that particular variable to not include the @ symbol, and finally run a mysqldump for that database. Basically what I see occurring with the code currently is the lack of the if statement filtering forum@.

sqldatabases=(bans forum@ users donators)
for (( sqlcount = 0; sqlcount < ${#sqldatabases[@]}; sqlcount++ ))
        if [[ "$sqldatabases[sqlcount]" =~ *[@]* ]] ; then
            echo "$sqldatabases[sqlcount]"
            mysqldump -u"$sqluser" -p"$sqlpass" -h"$sqlhost" ${sqldatabases[sqlcount]} > .backups/$timedate/MySQL/${sqldatabases[sqlcount]}.sql;

Thank you again for your assistance, and do try to explain each modification in depth.

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*[@]* is a pattern, not a regular expression. – chepner Mar 21 '13 at 12:58
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You need to use the ${array[index]} syntax. And you do not need the *s to match the @ (or use .*@.* instead):

if [[ "${sqldatabases[sqlcount]}" =~ @ ]] ; then
            echo "${sqldatabases[sqlcount]}"
            mysqldump # ...
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facepalm amateur mistake :p Thanks, I would have spent hours trying to figure that one out. – Clucky Mar 21 '13 at 6:26

Actually, you do not need any loop to remove the @:

sqldatabases=(bans forum@ users donators)
echo ${sqldatabases[*]}
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