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I all, given the following piece of xml, what would the xsd look like that would ensure chema validation failed if MortgageProductInterestRateCollarLimitPct was greater than MortgageProductInterestRateCappedLimitPct?

  <MortgageInterestRateTierName>Standard Mortgage Rate</MortgageInterestRateTierName> 
  <MortgageProductInterestRateCappedLimitPct>234534<MortgageProductInterestRateCappedLimitPct /> 
  <MortgageProductInterestRateCollarLimitPct>654<MortgageProductInterestRateCollarLimitPct /> 


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That's a type of validation that XML Schema cannot handle. You can define structural restrictions, and restriction on individual nodes and their values - but you cannot get checks that depends on other nodes and their values.

For that, you'd have to look at other XML validation mechanisms like Schematron or others.


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