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i try to select table pep_posts then left join with pep_postmeta but table pep_postmeta is optional mean if no data in table pep_postmeta , the result still can show.

below is my query but this query only show data if table pep_postmeta has data, this not what i want.

select p.*, pm.* 
from `pep_posts` p 
left join `pep_postmeta` pm 
  on pm.post_id=p.ID 
where p.post_parent='".$current_page_id."' and
     p.post_status='publish' and pm.meta_key='book_image' 
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In a left join, if you reference the optional table in the WHERE clause, it will still filter out only the rows that have a value in that table. What you need to do is move the condition on pm to the ON clause where it won't remove rows, just set the values to NULL.

SELECT p.*, pm.* 
FROM `pep_posts` p 
LEFT JOIN `pep_postmeta` pm 
  ON pm.post_id=p.ID and pm.meta_key='book_image' 
WHERE p.post_parent='".$current_page_id."' AND
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thanks.. i miss that part :) –  rusly Mar 21 '13 at 7:19

The problem in your WHERE condition

and pm.meta_key='book_image' 

If pep_postmeta have no data, pm.meta_key value in your selection will be NULL So, you should remove this condtion or rewrite it to something like this

and (pm.meta_key='book_image' or pm.meta_key IS NULL)
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