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I've got these classes.

class User(object):

    query = db_session.query_property()        

    def __init__(self, username, passhash, salt):    
        self.username = username    
        self.passhash = passhash    
        self.salt = salt

users = Table('users', metadata,    
    Column('id', Integer, primary_key=True),    
    Column('username', String(60)),    
    Column('passhash', String),    
    Column('salt', String)    

mapper(User, users)

class Buoy(object):

    query = db_session.query_property()    
    author = relationship("User", backref=backref("buoys", order_by=id))

    def __init__(self, label, lead, body, author):    
        self.label = label    
        self.lead = lead    
        self.body = body    
        self.author = author

buoys = Table('buoys', metadata,    
    Column('id', Integer, primary_key=True),    
    Column('label', String),    
    Column('lead', String),    
    Column('body', String),    
    Column('author_id', Integer, ForeignKey('users.id'))    

mapper(Buoy, buoys)

In my Python Flask code I would like to create and save a new buoy:

buoy = Buoy(label, lead, body, current_user)

When I do it this way, the buoy.author is correct but buoy.author_id is None. Please, is any way how to automatically assign current_user.id to the buoy.author_id when buoy.author is known?

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buoy.author_id will be set after buoy instance is added to a session and session.flush() is called.

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buoy = Buoy(label, lead, body, current_user) db_session.add(buoy) db_session.commit() where db_session = scoped_session(sessionmaker(autocommit=False, autoflush=True, bind=engine)) and it still does not work :( I mean there is no value in author_id column in my database. –  iwtu Mar 23 '13 at 13:38
is the author also added to a session (and commited)? –  van Mar 27 '13 at 13:05

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