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We're looking for a LMS that we can use as the basis for a new product we're rolling out.

As it's principally a content based thing, we need to base everything on a LMS, but there's a few things we need:

As we're supporting tens - hundreds of users, we ideally need a multi-tenant LMS (single shared code base), that can support different designs per site As we're selling in functionality, we need something that will let us deploy a new 'module' and switch it on/off on a per site basis We prefer stuff that is open source (PHP) Before I consider building something, is there anything out there that's any good?

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As a free open source lms I would suggest Moodle - http://www.moodle.org. Among commercial e-learning solutions I tried, I'd choose JoomlaLMS - http://www.joomlalms.com - it also has an open sourced version and is easy to set up.

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Here are a few opensource LMS alternatives:

You can also look at SCORM Cloud that takes away a lot of headaches for deploying content. All you need is a frontend like Wordpress or Joomla.

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