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I have a razor view with:

<select id="roletypeddl" >
   <option value="@roletype.Id" selected="selected" data-assignabletoperson="@roletype.AssignableToPerson" >@roletype.Name</option>

So in jquery I wanted to run some code if data-assignabletoperson was true hence:

if ($('#roletypeddl').find('option:selected').data('assignabletoperson') == true)
  do something

Trouble is this code is never getting executed.

I figure it has to do with the html being produced being:

<select id="roletypeddl">
  <option data-assignabletoperson="True" selected="selected" value="5">Manufacturer</option>

I think the problem is that the "True" is capitalised. Anyone know how to get around this?

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data- attribute does not know your data type. @roletype.AssignableToPerson html output is True, but this is not bool value, this is string...

following statement


is not bool value, its string, So you should compare like this:

if ($('#roletypeddl').find('option:selected').data('assignabletoperson') == "True")
    do something

Update: data knows your data type. Problem is the "True". It must be "true".


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Thanks, makes sense and works. Strange because the correct answer at stackoverflow.com/questions/9921076/… seems to disagree with this and says data() can handle boolean data? – user2005657 Mar 21 '13 at 8:20
Yes. I saw it, you right. Answer is your suggestion I think the problem is that the "True" is capitalised – AliRıza Adıyahşi Mar 21 '13 at 8:22

Try using:



<select id="roletypeddl" >
   <option value="@roletype.Id" selected="selected" data-assignabletoperson="@roletype.AssignableToPerson.ToLower()" >@roletype.Name</option>


Why does Boolean.ToString output “True” and not “true”

Also, You can use javascript:



if ($('#roletypeddl').find('option:selected').data('assignabletoperson').toLowerCase() == 'true')
  //do something
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