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I'm new to CRM2011 and can, but I have been given a task that I don't know how to solve and didn't find any answers in Google.

I've 2 entities. Case and Notes (Annotation - system entity). Notes is related to the case and represented by area on a form where users can add their notes. After a new note has been added I need to run a JS. How can I do it? I can not assign onchange event, because it's system entity and I can't modify anything there, even choose OnChange Event. I can't set event handler on a case form for this note. Properties blocked as well. If I send event handler onchange area where s not property embedded.

Does anyone know how to run JS on a change of related system property to the form?

Thank you

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What kind of logic is it you want to run? Is it possible to do it with a plugin instead? – Rickard N Mar 21 '13 at 10:39

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I believe that, depending on the exact details of your task at hand, you might want to use a plugin instead. The downside is that you won't be using JavaScript but C# (if you haven't build a plugin before you're in for a treat). The upside is that you won't be using JavaScript but C#.

You might want to intercept the messages of Create on the entity Note or the message of Update on the entity Case.

Could you, please, elaborate on what is the goal?

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