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I have a problem with my code. I want to use Sencha Touch DataView and everything works fine until I try put initialize event. When I put it, intialize event, my dataview cannot be generated. Here is my code. Can you help me :)?

Ext.define("xxx.view.Spread", {
extend: 'Ext.DataView',
xtype: 'xxxspread',
id: 'spreadForm',   
config : {
    styleHtmlContent: true,
    store: {
        //autoLoad: true,
        fields: ["name", "desc"],
        data: [
            {name: 'test',  desc: "testtest"},
            {name: 'test',  desc: "test"},

    itemTpl: '<img src="" /><h1>{name}</h1><p>{desc}</p><div style="clear: both"></div>',


initialize: function() {

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You will have to make a config for your listeners, and catch the initialize event there.

config: {
    styleHtmlContent: true,
    store : ...
    //More config here
    listeners: {
        initialize: function() { console.log('init'); }
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thank you very much :) – Davgranded Mar 23 '13 at 12:06

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