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I have a table which is like the following.

parentid   uid
10001      10001
10001      10002
10001      10003
10002      10004
10004      10005
10003      10006
10005      10007

I need to establish the parent child relationship between rows in this single table.

I need to get the parent in the reverse order till 4 levels. For example the last record is uid 10007 whose parentid is 10005. Now uid 10005's parent is 10004 and 10004's parent is 10002 and 10002's parent is 10001.

I am using MySQL so recursion seems to be not possible. What are the options that I have and how do I address this multi-level issue. I use PHP/MySQL.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Since you have a finite 4 levels, you shouldn't need recursion (although it'd be handy to be able to use eg MS SQL CTEs).

Something like:

  t4.uid as child, 
  --t3.uid as parent,
  --t2.uid as grand_parent,
  --t1.uid as great_grand_parent,
  t1.parentid as great_great_grand_parent
  your_table_name t1

  inner join your_table_name t2
  on t2.parentid = t1.uid

  inner join your_table_name t3
  on t3.parentid = t2.uid

  inner join your_table_name t4
  on t4.parentid = t3.uin

  t4.uid = '10007' -- your start node.

If you need to do this for multiple nodes, you'd need to join this to something that selects your start nodes, or eg replace the above WHERE t4.uid = '10007' clause to be WHERE t4.uid IN (SELECT DISTINCT uid FROM your_table_name)

This was done freehand so apologies for typos.

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Sepster Thanx a ton. This worked. Now if i want to reverse the query then how should i Do that. I need to find the children and there children and so on till 4 levels. I am working on it as of now but still....Thanx in advance... – DarthVader Mar 21 '13 at 9:05
@DarthVader easiest way would be to simply change the WHERE t4.uid = '10007' to WHERE t1.uid = '10001'. I think*. Although those column names I put in might no longer apply. I think*. *I'm tired... – Sepster Mar 21 '13 at 9:08
No problems sepster..I will surely work it out and let you know.. – DarthVader Mar 21 '13 at 9:30
@DarthVader If I had time I'd look at it properly for you, but the core is already there for you to re-jig once you get your head around how it works. Hey you should up-vote anything you find useful, and accept the answer that solves your problem. We do this for the love (and for the rep points!). I also noticed you've asked a previous question that helped you out, but you haven't voted/accepted that either. Go hard on ticking that one too ;-) Re your earlier thanx, my pleasure mate. – Sepster Mar 21 '13 at 9:35
Hey buddy sepster i tried the voteup but it requires 15 reps mnimum. I only got 11. I will increase it and vote for sure hundred percent...Thanx a ton... – DarthVader Mar 21 '13 at 9:38

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